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Rick Stein enjoying a beer on Long Weekends ... watching him is also like enjoying a beer at your local pub.

The one TV travel presenter I’d actually like to travel with

He’s not stylish, he’s not cool, he’s not particularly wild or daring. But Rick Stein might just be the best travel presenter on TV.

  • by Ben Groundwater
These striking coloured warehouses line the port in Bergen, in Norway.

Scandinavia: Europe made easy

Scandinavia is Europe made easy – everyone everywhere generously switches to perfect English and crime is so low, it makes Nordic noir seem like works of gross invention.

  • by Anthony Dennis
Italy’s winding country and mountain roads are more likely to have you in a flap than its drivers.

Don’t expect the romance of the movies if you try driving in Italy

Tailgating, lane-hopping, honking your horn constantly and generally ignoring the road rules are all part of the experience.

  • by Brian Johnston

Cash is dead? Try telling a taxi driver when you’re overseas

Much is made of cashless payments for travellers. Cards and digital wallets are convenient, but there are still plenty of places where only cash will do.

  • by Michael Gebicki
Some airlines may not be fully aware of the details of entry requirements to New Zealand, but you would expect Air New Zealand will be across it.

Tripologist: How much time do you need on your passport to visit NZ?

I’m planning to travel to New Zealand but I would only have four months left on my passport when I return to Australia.

Passenger sleeping on a flight.

Non-stop flights v layovers: Which is the best option?

In an age where ultra-long non-stop flights are becoming increasingly common, are there any advantages to breaking your journey with a layover?

  • by Michael Gebicki
Struggling to find a seat at the airport? It’s a feature, not a bug.

11 departure lounge secrets that will change your airport experience forever

From free facials to ‘revenue seating’ and ‘wayfinding’, there’s more to a departure lounge than meets the eye.

  • by Sophie Dickinson
View of Casco Antiguo in Panama City.

Nine must-do highlights of Panama City

Casco Viejo (Spanish for “old quarter” or “old town”) is the hippest part of Panama City, home to trendy restaurants, bars and boutique hotels.

  • by Kristie Kellahan
Barton Springs is where locals flock to cool off.

An expert expat’s guide to Austin, Texas

The founders of Collingwood’s Proud Mary Coffee know just where to go for a summer dip, a Mexican feast, and unsurprisingly, a deluxe cup o’ Joe.

  • by Belinda Jackson
Can your hotel kettle make tap water drinkable?

Tripologist: Does boiling water in a kettle make it safe to drink?

Is using your hotel kettle to boil tap water in developing countries enough to make it safe for drinking?

  • by Michael Gebicki