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Kevin and Gail Donovan are handing over their iconic restaurant to “adopted son” Nick Parkhouse (centre).

One of Melbourne’s most iconic restaurants changes hands after 26 years

The “adopted son” of Gail and Kevin Donovan will take over the St Kilda stalwart.

  • Dani Valent
Go-to dish: Half chicken with pickles, condiments and Lebanese bread.

The cult charcoal chook is only part of the story at Chapel Street’s shiny Sydney import Henrietta

The best advice for anyone heading to this glam modern Middle Eastern restaurant is to take your mates: the bigger the army, the better.

  • Larissa Dubecki
A creative, well-made cocktail at the Royce’s shiny Showroom Bar.

Six of Melbourne’s hottest hotel bars to check out

We’ve found a new guard: the kinds of places you’d be delighted to find after dropping the bags and realising you’re dying for a well-made drink.

  • Tomas Telegramma
Jersey milk soft-serve with extra virgin olive oil and hazelnuts.

The scoop: What to order and where to sit at Melbourne’s grand-new Reine (and La Rue)

There’s wow-factor from every angle at the ambitious, double-venue dining room and bar. Here’s the essential info you need to know.

  • Sofia Levin
The XO porchetta banh mi at Good Days Hot Bread.

Glory-Us to Walrus: Four new daytime venues with interesting brunch menus

These new cafes and sandwich spots are shaking up our idea of breakfast and lunch with their not-so-predictable menus.

  • Emma Breheny
Owner-chef Frank Camorra sitting at his favourite table at the new-look MoVida Aqui.

First look at MoVida Aqui’s slinky new interior after a two-month makeover

A serpentine booth and more polished finishes are part of an update to Frank Camorra’s 14-year-old Spanish restaurant in Melbourne’s legal district.

  • Emma Breheny
Commis is Collingwood’s new walk-in wine bar.

Collingwood’s new walk-in wine bar Commis is like a warm hug

Geralds Bar alumni bring generosity and hospitality to this warm and wonderful wine salon on Johnston Street.

  • Dani Valent
Pope Joan in its Collins Place location.

Pope Joan cafe closes in CBD, owing $900k to creditors after trade falls by 80 per cent

A Melbourne cafe fixture since 2010, Pope Joan has closed but plans to resurface at the airport and in the suburbs.

  • Emma Breheny
Paradise Valley Hotel, Clematis.

Update: Paradise Valley Hotel reopens after suspected arson attack

A picturesque pub in the Dandenongs is back open for Friday drinks after a suspicious fire was lit early on Sunday morning.

  • Emma Breheny
Go-to dish: Spring rolls.

An old Victoria Street Vietnamese favourite springs back

Thy Thy Counter and Canteen is the latest iteration of a much-loved Viet-Naarm institution.

  • Dani Valent

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