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Quince, dhal and chickpeas cooked in the pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker pressure test: We put the appliance through its paces

Dani Valent prepares and compares pea and ham soup, chickpeas, steamed rice, dhal and slow-cooked quinces.

  • Dani Valent

Slow cooker v cast-iron casserole pot road test: Which braises best?

The popular appliance goes head-to-head with a range of heavy-based pots at various price points. The results may surprise you.

  • Dani Valent
Masterclass: Jill Dupleix's Roast pumpkin soup with chickpeas and merguez.
Photography by William Meppem (photographer on contract, no restrictions)

How to rescue a boring soup (plus how to make a great one)

Learn how to ace classic, comfort-food soup every time with these go-to tips.

  • Jill Dupleix
Photograph by William Meppem / SL food, April 10 : Adam Liaw recipe - Rainbow salad.
SLIFE160410 William Meppem – Wed, 15. November 2017 10:32 AM994152945.jpgPhotograph by William Meppem / SL food, April 10 : Adam Liaw recipe - Rainbow salad. SLIFE160410

A dermatologist’s guide on what to eat for healthy-looking skin

To keep skin looking flawless, what we want is a really vibrant, colourful diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables

  • Dr Thivi Maruthappu
Illustration: Simon Letch

Life (and knife) skills: The 15 essential cooking skills everyone should master from boiling an egg to making pasta

From cooking an egg just how you like it, to jointing a chicken, tick these basic kitchen techniques off your to-do list.

  • Terry Durack
Martin Benn and Vicki Wild offer advice on hosting a memorbale dinner party.

A chef’s guide to throwing a stress-free dinner party - and why six is the magic number of guests

Ahead of the launch of their book, The Dinner Party, chef Martin Benn and partner Vicki Wild share their insider knowledge on entertaining.

  • Martin Benn and Vicki Wild
Illustration: Simon Letch

How to keep your fresh herbs strong, green and perky

Don’t let those lovely fresh herbs go to waste. Here’s how to store them in the fridge – and the best way to give your herbs a second life instead of withering away.

  • Jill Dupleix

Natural, Greek, coconut, high-protein: The nutritional pros and cons of your favourite yoghurt

With the range of yoghurts ever expanding in the supermarket, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

  • Susie Burrell
Illustration: Simon Letch

Sour grapes: Why don’t my dining companions praise my top-shelf wine?

These people are probably not real friends of the vine. Those who truly appreciate wine know when it’s good and they let their enthusiasm show.

  • Huon Hooke
Jill Dupleix's mushroom and lentil bolognese recipe.

The single best way to cut your food bills (and up your health)

Up your legume game with these tips to embrace cooking with budget-friendly lentils, chickpeas and beans.

  • Kimberly Gillan

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